Used Car Warranty From Dealership

Getting a used car warranty from a Used Car Dealership near Houston is a great way to protect your newly purchased vehicle as well as potentially saving some money down the road. When purchasing a used or pre-owned vehicle, there are always concerns about whether the vehicle is still under manufacturer warranty or has the warranty already expired. In most cases, you have to purchase an extended warranty on your new purchase since original warranty has already expired.

We Are Fully Committed To Our Customer’s Peace Of Mind

Auto Expo Houston’s commitment to its customers goes beyond selling you quality vehicles at highly competitive prices. That is why we partner with great companies that offer extended warranties on all of our vehicles to give you that peace of mind. It is our commitment to every vehicle service agreement holder to offer exceptional customer service from contract acquisition to contract claim to ensure that our clients have the comfort to take a trip the open road without worry. Integrity Service warranty offers a full line of extended service contracts to offer our dealership partners with all the essential devices to protect their customers.


Flexible Service

You can take your vehicle to any certified repair facility. Ask us for details on different places you can get the repairs done.

Shop With Confidence

Our plans come with options that start your service plan coverage on day one on most vehicles. Find out which ones.

Reliability Guarantee

We will process and pay your claims fast directly to the repair facility, saving you the trouble of submitting claims.

We offer our customers the flexibility to choose from two different extended warranty options; exclusionary coverage and stated components coverage.

Option One: Exclusionary Coverage

Exclusionary coverage is a great way to get maximum coverage for your vehicle. The only things that are not covered are:


Part(s) of a pre-owned vehicle that are still covered under the manufacturer’s basic factory warranty.

However, parts that are listed under the “Exclusions From Coverage” section of the basic factory warranty contract as not being covered; will be covered by our exclusionary coverage warranty.



Option Two: Stated Component Coverage

Our Stated Component Coverage is also a great way to cover most of the parts and systems of your vehicle; if you are working with a limited budget. This option only covers components explicitly listed on your warranty contract. If a component is covered by the plan you have choose, then our warranty will cover the cost of parts and labor.



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